This page is for Wildland-Urban Interface content brought to you by the California Fire Science Consortium. Due to the ubiquitous nature of fire losses in the wildland-urban interface of California, the WUI module of the California Fire Science Consortium encompasses the entire state. The WUI module will disseminate pertinent biophysical and sociopolitical science to stakeholders by a variety of active and passive means, and intends to: 

  • Develop annotated bibliographies that capture scientific findings before, during and after a WUI fire event.
  • Summarize key manuscripts and scientific findings of WUI fires.
  • Develop workshops and webinars that illustrate key concepts, strategies, and science in the WUI.
  • Develop field tours that demonstrate how local communities can successfully implement strategies to reduce fire losses.
  • Coordinate applicable special sessions at relevant conferences (e.g., conferences sponsored by Association for Fire Ecology, International Association for Wildland Fire, International Association of Fire Chiefs, etc).

In order to most reduce the losses and costs from WUI fires, the module will target potential end-users from a wide array of fields including federal, state, and local fire personnel (at both field and management levels), local and regional Fire Safe Councils, residents, community planners, educators, and others.  It should be noted that concepts from other areas of the world (e.g., Australia) will be considered in this module so as to better improve the design, management, and resiliency of the WUI in California.

Please contact Chris Dicus with suggestions for topics that you would like to see covered by the WUI module.

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