Using HFire for spatial modeling of fire in shrublands: Technical Report

From PSW website: "An efficient raster fire-spread model named HFire is introduced. HFire can simulate single-fire events or long-term fire regimes, using the same fire-spread algorithm. This paper describes the HFire algorithm,  benchmarks the model using a standard set of tests developed for FARSITE, and compares historical and predicted fire spread perimeters for three southern California fires. HFire is available for download at"
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Peterson, Seth H.; Morais, Marco E.; Carlson, Jean M.; Dennison, PhilipE.; Roberts, Dar A.; Moritz, Max A.; Weise, David R.  2009.  PSW-RP-259.  Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, PacificSouthwest Research Station.