Spatial predictions of conifer regeneration after wildfire may help managers prioritize reforestation efforts: Research Brief

Recent work by researchers from U.C. Berkeley and the U.S. Forest Service has produced a spatially-explicit predictive model that can be used to forecast where regeneration of (non-serotinous) conifers is most likely to occur after wildfire. This predictive model combines seed availability with climatic, topographic, and burn severity data to forecast the spatial patterns of post-fire conifer regeneration

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Shive, K. L., Preisler, H. K., Welch, K. R., Safford, H. D., Butz, R. J., O'Hara, K. and Stephens, S. L. 2018. From the stand scale to the landscape scale: predicting the spatial patterns of forest regeneration after disturbance. Ecological Applications 28: 1626-1639.