Lessons of Our California Land (landlessons.org): Educational Resource

Lessons of Our California Land is a standards-aligned curriculum that increases K-12 students' understanding of the history and meaning of California land, fostering appreciation for the motivations and knowledge of California Native American people who engage in land tenure, planning, and use issues.                                                         

Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) curriculum standards make up the core of the Lessons of Our California Land curriculum. Spanning all grade levels, ILTF standards provide a meaningful context for students to learn about history, culture, language, civics, and the natural sciences. Each lesson document also includes a listing of California academic content standards that teachers can address when teaching the lesson. For a view of other themes that run through LOCL, see LOCL's subject index                                                         

In addition to a offering a full set of K-12 lessons focusing on the North Fork Mono Tribe and the South Central California region, LOCL links to a regional curriculum adaptation by Round Valley Unified School District. 

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