Fuel treatment effectiveness in California yellow pine and mixed conifer forests: Research Brief

Management  strategies  to   reduce  fire  spread  and  severity  typically  involve   targeted  reduction  of  forest  fuels  through  some   combination  of  mechanical,  hand,  and/or  burning   treatments.  A  2012  study  by  Safford  et  al.   evaluates  the  effectiveness  of  such  forest  fuel   treatments  in  mixed  conifer  and  yellow  pine   forests  in  the  California  National  Forests.

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Safford, H. D., D.A Schmidt, and C.H. Carlson. 2009. Effects of fuel treatments on fire severity in an area of wildland–urban interface, Angora Fire, Lake Tahoe Basin, California. Forest Ecology and Management, 258(5), 773-787.