Evaluating management risks to Southern Sierra fisher: Research synthesis  

Models  of  fisher habitat  selection  and   metapopulation  dynamics  in  the  southern   Sierra  Nevada  suggest  the  negative  effects   of  fuel  treatments  on  fisher  habitat   suitability  and  population  size  are   generally  smaller  than  the  long-­‐term   positive  effects  of  fuel  treatments that reduce  wildfire  risk  and  severity.
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Thompson, Craig, William Zielinski, and Kathryn Purcell. 2011. Evaluating Management Risks Using Landscape Trajectory Analysis: A Case Study of California Fisher. Journal of Wildlife Management 75(5):1164–1176. 

Scheller, Robert, Wayne Spencer, Heather Rustigian-Romsos, Alexandra Syphard, Brendan Ward, and James Strittholt. 2011. Using stochastic simulation to evaluate competing risks of wildfires and fuels management on an isolated forest carnivore. Landscape Ecology 26:1491–1504.