Effects of sudden oak death on fuels and fire behavior: Research Brief

Sudden  oak   death (SOD),  a  forest  disease  caused  by  the   pathogen  Phytophthora  ramorum,  is  a  good   example  of  a  recently  introduced  disease  with   unknown  implications  for  forest  health  and  future   disturbances.  In  the  dry  tanoak  forests  of   northern  California,  the  potential  relationships between  SOD  and  fire  are of  particular  concern.
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Valachovic, Y.S., Lee, C.A., Scanlon, H.,  Varner, J.M., Glebocki, R., Graham, B.D., and D.M. Rizzo. Sudden oak death-caused changes to surface fuel loading and potential fire behavior in Douglas-fir-tanoak forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 262: 1973-1986.