Education in Chaparral: Recorded Presentation

Presented at the 2nd Annual Southern Chaparral Symposium, 2015.
This presentation discusses the educational campaign to share the "5 truths of chaparral" through awareness, curiosity, and shared learning:

  1. Coastal Southern California enjoys a Mediterranean-type Climate.
  2. Chaparral is a diverse, rich ecosystem.
  3. Being dense, impenetrable , and prone to huge fires is the natural condition of chaparral.
  4. Chaparral can be eliminated by the wrong kind of fire.
  5. Old-growth chaparral is a beautiful, rare natural resource

Presenter: Rick Halsey
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Presented at the 2nd Annual Southern Chaparral Symposium "Understanding the Ecological Value of Chaparral Landscapes: Ecosystem Services, Human Management, and Future Trends." June 8-10 2015. Arcadia, CA.  Download Agenda (PDF) >