Ecological effects of alternative fuels treatments: Highlights from the Fire and Fire Surrogates study: Research Brief

The  National  Fire  and  Fire  Surrogates  (FFS)  study   was  designed  to  evaluate  differences  among   alternative  fuels reduction  treatments  in   seasonally  dry  forests throughout  the  country,   and  to  test  the  assumption  that  mechanical  treatments  might  be  used  to  accomplish  the  same   stand  structure  and  ecological  goals  as  prescribed fire.

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McIver, J.D.; Stephens, S.L.; Agee, J.K.; et al. 2013. Ecological effects of alternative fuel-reduction treatments: highlights of the National Fire and Fire Surrogates (FFS) study. International Journal of Wildland Fire, 22(1): 63-82.