Conserving America's National Parks

Abella, S.R. 2015. Conserving America’s national parks. CreateSpace, Charleston, SC. 200 pp. 

Description: Conserving America's National Parks shares the status of conservation challenges and successes in America's 408 national parks.  Rising sea levels, collapses of coral reefs, loss of wildlife species, droughts, severe fires, non-native species, and climate change are among the many challenges defining contemporary conservation at the 100-year centennial of the National Park Service in 2016.  However, thrilling outcomes of active conservation projects, such as the largest removal of river dams in U.S. history, provide hope for the future of parks.  Written for readers with diverse backgrounds, Conserving America's National Parks is richly illustrated with 247 photos, maps, and sketches and supported by over 350 scientific literature citations.  Conserving America's National Parks is unprecedented in its scope of conservation stories unfolding in America's national parks."

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