California Association of Environmental Planners Meeting 2016: Presentation PDFs

Presented at the California Association of Environmental Planners. Hot Topic Alert: Wildfire and the Environment Session. San Diego, April 5, 2016. 

In many parts of  California, human development is often occurring in the "Wildland Urban Interface." In this process, previously considered "natural areas" are being developed, with concerns for both the environment and for the risk of human life and property from wildland fires. But in some cases, both of these concerns can be greatly mitigated with careful land use planning. These presentations are meant to provide background and fire prevention mitigation strategies for land use planners utilizing current science findings of the day. These three presentations provide targeted information and background that may be useful for a variety of planners. 

Fires at the Wildland Urban Interface: Lessons from Southern California
Presenters: Alexandra Syphard and Jon Keeley
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Interface Between People and Wildfires
Presenters: Jon Keeley and Alexandra Syphard

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Fire Science for California Conservation
Presenter: Marti Witter
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