Southern California Fuels Treatments Data Set

The information and file links on this webpage contain a data set of historical and recent fuels treatments conducted across Southern California.  These data were collected from various federal state and local agencies from 2005 to 2009 and compiled by United States Geological Survey into one comprehensive data set.  The accuracy of the data is dependent on the sources that were available and ranges from highly accurate GPS and aerial photo locations to historical hand drawn maps and interviews with personnel familiar with a given treatment.  

The data are provided as shapefiles for use with ArcGIS and as kml files for use with Google Earth and can be found at the bottom of the page in zipped file format.  The ArcGIS data set is two files; one consisting of linear features "SoCal Fire Roads, Fuelbreaks, & Dozer Lines" and one consisting of polygon features "SoCal Fuels Treatments". Additionally there is a set of boundary shapefiles for the federal and state land management agencies.   Metadata including source information and commonly used abbreviations are included in the files and have also been provided as Microsoft Word Documents.  The attributes from the data set have been exported into an Excel document which also contains source information and commonly used abbreviations. 

The .kml files for use with Google Earth have been provided in order to make the data accessible to anyone with internet access.  All of the necessary files are contained within the Files for Google Earth folder and a Word document entitled "Using Google Earth to View Fuel Treatment Files" has been provided with instructions. 

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of the fire and land management agencies for their participation in this effort and we hope you find the data set useful. Results from the data are described in the Publication Brief Fuel Break Effectiveness in Southern California Depends on Firefighter Access.


Additional information
SoCal Fire Roads, Fuelbreaks, & Dozer Lines METADATA (DOC)
SoCal Fuels Treatments METADATA (DOC)
Abbreviations, Source Data, & Attribute Tables (XLS)

For ArcGIS
ArcGIS SoCal Fire Roads, Fuelbreaks, & Dozer Lines (ZIP)
ArcGIS SoCal Fuels Treatments (ZIP)
ArcGIS Agency Boundaries (ZIP)

For Google Earth
Using Google Earth to View Fuel Treatment Files (DOC)
kml Elevation profile files (ZIP)
kml my places files (ZIP)
Individual kml files (ZIP)

This data was provided in cooperation with:

U. S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey
Western Ecological Research Center
Sequoia-Kings Canyon Field Station
47050 Generals Highway
Three Rivers, California 93271-9651