The Ishi Wilderness is a 41,339 acre (167 km²) area located in the Lassen National Forest in the Southern Cascade foothills of northern California, United States. The wilderness contains several mixed ponderosa pine and black oaks forests which were never logged and have experienced multiple wildfires in the 20th century which created forest conditions similar to those that occurred before fire suppression (Smokey the Bear).

Few contemporary examples of structurally restored old-growth ponderosa pine forest exist. In this study, the authors re-measured plots in the Beaver Creek Pinery, a remote site in the Ishi Wilderness on the Lassen NF in California, that were installed following a 1994 wildfire, to better understand forest and fuel succession overtime.  This project is funded by the Joint Fire Science Program and completed by researchers at the US Forest Service and Penn State University.

This website discusses the work being done here and has an amazing set of photos, videos, and even a virtual reality immersive experience (under the media gallery tab).

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