Geographic area and background

The Mojave Desert geographic region of the California Fire Science Delivery Consortium encompasses the vast majority of the Mojave Desert within California and Nevada. It also includes the Colorado Desert sub-region of the Sonoran Desert within California. The small amount of the Mojave Desert located in Arizona and Utah, and the majority of the Sonoran Desert located in Arizona, are under the purview of the Southwest Fire Science Delivery Consortium. In addition, the portions of the Great Basin located within eastern California are under the purview of the Great Basin Fire Science Delivery Consortium.

The primary focus of the Mojave Desert subregional group is to transfer recent desert fire management research to land managers. To accomplish this, the Desert group will use input and assistance from local partnerships to develop research briefs and syntheses, as well as lead field-based tours, symposia, and trainings.

Please contact Scott Abella with any questions, suggestions, or requests for topics to be covered in research briefs by the Mojave Desert team. 


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