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Risk Assessment to Achieve Fire Adapted Communities

Presenter: Dave Calkin, PhD, Research Forester, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Description: Given that humans are inherently poor risk managers and the complexity of the WUI fire risk issue, there is a great need for a new risk assessment process. During this webinar, a structured risk assessment model is presented that focuses on a systematic approach of decision-making for WUI risk mitigation. While the decision-making process can be applied broadly, actual community plans should be specifically created based on the unique situations and available actions for each WUI community. Examples that show the need and application of such an approach are presented from a range of previous work in the US. Other topics discussed include the impacts of the current wildfire management on future risk as a self-reinforcement cycle, risk sharing the WUI, and transmission of risk from public to private lands in California. 

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Note: Formally titled "The Application of Risk Management Principles to Mitigate the Potential for Wildland Urban Interface Disasters"