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Rim Fire: Vegetation Resiliency Project For the Stanislaus National Forest

Presenters: Becky Estes, Shelly Crook, Carol Ewell, and Ben Newburn (all USDA Forest Service)                                             

Description: This webinar presents information gathered by a team tasked with designing and describing the desired fire management and fuel treatment goals within the Rim Fire. This report described a foundation-type framework for fire and fuel management activities, consistent with the STF Forest Plan and the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment (SNFPA), to guide upcoming fuel removal, reforestation, and other post-Rim Fire ecosystem restoration activities on the landscape. This strategy was focused on working toward desired conditions that are 1) resilient to the predictable occurrence of future fires, 2) provides sustainable habitat for native biotic communities and species, 3) minimizes the potential for large scale impacts to local communities, watersheds, and ecosystems by restoring a more natural mosaic of fire occurrence and 4) is implementable given the limited resources available to the Forest.

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