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LANDFIRE 101 "Got Veggies?"

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LANDFIRE and the California Fire Science Consortium will co-host a webinar, "Got Veggies?" on September 23, at noon Pacific time. A major LANDFIRE project is launching this autumn, and the LF team invites consortia members to collaborate with them on the effort. LANDFIRE is updating about 1500 Biophysical Settings vegetation models and descriptions in a three-part process, and welcomes input and review from California veg and land management experts. Randy Swaty, ecologist on The Nature Conservancy’s LANDFIRE team, will talk about how LANDFIRE developed Biophysical Settings (BpS) vegetation descriptions and models, and will set the stage for the upcoming BpS review. This 40-minute webinar provides a short primer on LANDFIRE tools and data, and features California-centric maps and information.


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