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Climate, wildfire, and management influences on forest carbon carrying capacity: Webinar

About the webinar

The carbon carrying capacity (CCC) of an ecosystem is determined by prevailing climate and natural disturbance conditions.  Projected climate change and increasing area burned have the potential to alter forest CCC.  We have been working across several landscapes to quantify the effects of projected climate and wildfire on forest carbon dynamics and the potential for management to mitigate these effects using a simulation approach.  This webinar will present our results from the Sierra Nevada and southwestern ponderosa pine forests in an effort to provide insight into the future of managing for adaptive capacity in fire-prone forest ecosystems.  Research briefs on the material presented in the webinar are available at

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Matthew Hurteau is an Assistant Professor of quantitative ecology at the University of New Mexico.  He has a BS in Forestry from Northern Arizona University and a PhD in Ecology from the University of California, Davis.  His research focus is on climate change mitigation and adaptation in forest systems.  He uses empirical and simulation data to better understand how changing climate and disturbance influence species distributions, productivity, and carbon dynamics.