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Changing risk in three differing SoCal communities: A GIS-based approach

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Part 2 of the 2016 WUI Webinar

This webinar examines how multiple GIS strategies were employed to analyze changes to fire risk in 3 nearby, but demographically different communities in San Diego County. This research simultaneously (1) quantifies expansion of the WUI over time in multiple, dissimilar communities, (2) analyzes temporal changes to risk based on altered wildfire exposure and structural characteristics such as roofing materials, defensible space, and housing density, and (3) compares potential social factors influencing compliance of state fire regulations. 

The information generated from this study provides new and innovative methodologies to examine risk in fire-­prone communities and also demonstrates the need to develop alternate mitigation approaches based upon site-­specific conditions.


Nicola Leyshon, Oklahoma State University, School of Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology

Nicola Leyshon is a graduate student at Oklahoma State University working towards a PhD in Fire and Emergency Management Administration. Nicola specializes in the analysis of natural hazards and risk using GIS. Originally from the United Kingdom, she now works as a GIS technician at the City of San Luis Obispo, and as a GIS and Fire Behavior consultant throughout the state of California. Nicola has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Ecology from the University of York, England, and a Masters of Science Degree in Forestry Sciences from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.