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   Figure 1 .  Mean percent fire return interval departure (PFRID) from  Safford, Hugh D. and Van de Water, Kip M. 2014. 


Figure 1 .  Mean percent fire return interval departure (PFRID) from Safford, Hugh D. and Van de Water, Kip M. 2014. 

The Central and Southern California Region (CFSC-CSC) includes western California, south of the Bay Area, an area dominated by chaparral and sage scrub shrubland.  This shrubland ecosystem is the “other California”, containing the state’s most extreme wildfire regimes and differing significantly from conifer forests. Except for some of the high elevation southern mountain tops, this region currently suffers from an unnatural increase in fire frequency (see Figure 1), The strong departure from the natural fire return interval (FRID) is driven by anthropogenic ignitions, seasonal drought, and extreme wind events and is one of the major threats to this fragile biodiversity hotspot. 

Traditionally, fire managers charged with protecting natural shrubland areas in southern California have relied heavily on research conclusions from western US conifer forests. Although these studies rightly emphasize the value of pre-fire vegetation management to reduce fire risk in some conifer forest types, (e.g., prescribed burning, for both resources and public safety), those same fuels management tools aren’t generally appropriate for shrublands. 

Our goal is to present shrubland managers with the information to better reduce fire risk, preserve biodiversity, improve ecosystem resilience and conserve ecosystem services. To do this, we have focused on providing publication briefs and synthesis papers of both classic and current California fire research papers and collaborating on special symposia that focus specifically on shrubland management in California. In 2017 we hope to increase our outreach by organizing field trips to see innovative solutions for fire management and conservation problems in our region.   We also hope to get public, private, and agency feedback about how to better meet the science needs of the central and southern California fire community.  


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