Fire and Hydrology: Read two new briefs to learn about the connection

Two related studies in the Sierra Nevada are showing the connection between restoring fire and a more resilient watershed. Read more about fire, healthy forests, and water in the below briefs:

Restoring wildfire improves forest drought resistance
This research brief looks at changes in land cover, water, and forest health within the Illilouette Creek Basin in Yosemite National Park. This basin has a unique fire management history, with most areas burned in the last 40 years. Results suggest that fire has had a positive influence on a number of the Basin's ecosystem functions. 
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Fire severity impacts on winter snowpack
Fire is a strong driver of changes in montane forest structure in California’s Sierra Nevada and southern Cascade mountain ranges, which provide much of the snowpack and associated water storage for the state of California. This paper investigates how fire can influence snowpack and water storage. 
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